No High CBD Discounts

Searching for a No High CBD coupon code but can’t seem to find a legitimate one? The reason behind that is we rarely issue coupons or promo codes due to having already competitive pricing.

In fact, if you find a random coupon from an online deal site for our store, it’s definitely fake.

The reason behind why a lot of these fake coupon sites exist might surprise you.

How Deal Sites Make Money

Deal sites attract people by using scummy marketing methods which bait you into clicking their links (perhaps to buy CBD). They then drop unwanted tracking cookies onto your computer. A lot of these sites are registered in obscure countries where the US, UK, and EU authorities can’t enforce laws upon them.

The cookies from these coupon sites will track you around the Internet and some even sell your data to competing companies for their marketing campaigns. (Ever notice ads on websites all over, just after you’ve searched or talked about it?)

Luckily for you, you landed here and can now get a REAL deal directly from us!

How to Get a No High CBD Discount

We have a few simple methods of getting a deal bestowed upon you.

Assistance Program

We’ve found that the real people in need of discounts are those with real-world problems. If you’re disabled, a veteran, or qualify as low-income then we have a special CBD assistance program for you to enroll in.

Subscribe to Our Newsletter

We’ll unlock a coupon code when you subscribe to our newsletter. Don’t worry, we don’t send spammy letters. We do send valuable content to your inbox regularly, however, such as recent blog posts, CBD news, and the occasional special offer (think Black Friday, 4/20 specials, and random flash sales).

Spin the Wheel (Coming Soon!)

Rather than going through the fuss of waiting for your coupon to show up in your email, we’ve developed a way you can obtain a deal instantly! All you have to do in order to do so is either spin the wheel and a one-of-a-kind No High coupon code will be revealed.

Pay With Bitcoin

We love Bitcoin! Our Bitcoin discount is available as a checkout option for anyone choosing to pay for their products using Bitcoin. Not sure what Bitcoin is? Read our guide on how to buy CBD with Bitcoin.

Sorry, but we do not offer a discount for using any other cryptocurrencies at this time.