CBD Oil Lab Test Results

These are the CBD oil lab test results for No High branded CBD products. Our products have been lab-tested by a third-party to ensure the safety of products available for sale on our website. The results of these tests may be found below. We will continue to add lab-results to this page as they are scanned.

If you’re searching for third-party lab results for other CBD brands that are for sale on our website they are available. Please contact us and we’ll source these certificates of analysis for you.

2019 Third-Party Lab Results

Lab Test 250mg CBD Tincture

11/08/2019 – 250mg Full Spectrum Tincture Oil Lab Results

Lab Test 500mg CBD Tincture

07/26/2019 – 500mg Full Spectrum Tincture Oil Lab Results

FDA Warning Letters to CBD Companies

Safety is incredibly important to us and we want to give our customers the best education possible when it comes to the consumption of cannabidiol (CBD) products. Many customers considering taking CBD oil for the first time have heard that they should ask each CBD brand for third-party lab test results. While this is true, it’s also important to ensure that the CBD company you’re buying from hasn’t received a warning letter from the FDA for cannabidiol related offenses.

Offenses that warrant receiving a letter from the FDA include things like mislabeling products, selling products lacking the posted mg of CBD inside, or making claims that are not approved by the FDA. Companies making outrageous claims about what CBD might treat, diagnose, or cure is a sign of a company that cares more about the sale than their customer. The same holds true for companies that sell products claiming to have a certain amount of CBD in them and falling short of those claims.

Many MANY companies (mainly those “pop-up shop” sellers on eBay and Amazon) are selling hemp seed oil and confusing consumers about what’s actually inside. It is up to the consumer to understand what is inside of the product they are buying.  If the bottle says “hemp seed oil” then be careful. Hemp seeds and stalks do not actually contain any cannabidiol.