CVS Stores CBD

CBD is popping up everywhere as retailers seek to capitalize on its growing popularity. While CVS Stores CBD is only currently available in topical formulations, the hemp industry is finding ways to innovate on traditional CBD products.

CBD gummies, beer, coffee, tea, and bath bombs are great examples.  The manufacturing industry is searching for new ways to create CBD products, and the retail is moving into more stores

CBD products are widely available on the internet and in dispensaries. However, retail store availability is an essential part of growing the CBD industry. Putting CBD products in retail stores makes them visible to consumers who may not seek out CBD products online. CBD is becoming so popular that CBD stocks are available for trade on Wall Street.

Big retailers are attracted to the incentives of selling CBD products. Capitalizing on the popularity of CBD could result in meeting consumer demands and possibly increase their stock performance.

CVS CBD: Getting in on the Green Rush

CVS announced in March of 2019 that they would begin to sell CBD products at stores in Alabama, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, and Tennessee. The national drug store chain is focusing on topical CBD products but is striving to meet the consumer demand for alternative healthcare products.

Under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act enforced by the FDA, it is illegal to introduce CBD into food or to market them as dietary supplements. CVS is leaving the marketing claims and product self-identification up to the brands they will carry. This may vary from state to state.

CVS is also taking precautions by partnering with a laboratory, Eurofins, to test all products and ensure they do not contain any THC. The CBD products sold at CVS only contain CBD extracted from hemp, which naturally has less than 0.3% THC content and will not get you high. Residual THC is removed during extraction for CBD isolate, but full-spectrum CBD products may contain some.


What CBD Brands is CVS Selling?

CVS already offers hemp-based cosmetic and beauty products like Hempz lotion made with hemp seed oil (no CBD). CBD cream from some well known and lesser-known CBD brands is also being offered.

CVS was offering products from the brand Curaleaf but has pulled them recently (July 2019) after the FDA issued a warning letter to Curaleaf citing multiple violations.

Charlotte’s Web was issued an FDA warning letter in the past but has set an example of how to respond and fix issues. In 2017 their products were found not to contain the claimed amount of cannabinoids.

Since then Charlotte’s Web has grown into one of the most prominent CBD brands on the market. Curaleaf as yet to show it will overcome their warning letter. CVS is wise to perform its own third party testing of finished products.

CBD Topical Brands Available at CVS

  • Veritas Farms
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • PlusCBD
  • Elevate Hemp
  • Strength of Hope
  • Medterra

Products from these CBD brands being offered at CVS are all topicals like “hemp balm,” “hemp cream,” or “hemp salve.” Few of these make noticeable mention of CBD.

Final Thoughts on CVS CBD Oil

CVS has yet to offer the product variety to tap into the CBD “green rush.”  The entry of topical CBD products into select stores is a sign that they may offer more products in the future. At this time, to find the best CBD products, you are best searching online

CBD topicals offer be benefits to sore joints and muscles, rashes, and burns. However, it is not going to offer as many benefits as tinctures, vapes or hemp pre-rolls, or CBD capsules and gummies. Consuming CBD orally or by inhaling it allows cannabinoids to engage more of the body’s endocannabinoid system.

The price point of CBD topicals at CVS ranges from about $35.00 to $50.00 in addition to the limited use of topicals. Consumers are likely to find better deals available online in addition to more product variety. CBD at large retailers may benefit the CBD industry by putting CBD in front of consumers who wouldn’t have sought it out otherwise.

Buy CBD Online vs. CVS Stores

If you are looking for the best hemp product options available, you will still have to buy CBD online. Topical CBD products have great benefits. Diseases and disorders like anxiety whose root comes from outside the muscles and skin, can not be helped by topicals. Topical CBD is also generally not as potent as taking CBD tincture or smoking (or vaping) CBD or hemp flower.

Another option for finding CBD oil quickly is to see if there are any CBD vending machines near you. These machines dispense CBD without the need for a store like CVS to be open. With CBD vending machines hours of operation don’t apply. Additionally, a CBD vending machine typically offers wider CBD product selection than what would be found in a retail store or pharmacy.