How to Use Hemp Wick

Hemp wick looks like the thin twine rope that is used to make hippie necklaces. It is marketed as a natural alternative to lighters and matches and is a cannabis smoking accessory that has been popping up in head shops and cannabis stores all over.

Hemp wick is becoming a popular way to light pipes and bongs. There are three main reasons for the popularity. It is environmentally friendly, avoids introducing harmful combustible chemicals into the body, and is believed to provide better flavor than lighting a bowl with a lighter or match.

What is Hemp Wick

Hemp wick is a length of hemp twine that coated in beeswax, like a slow-burning candlewick. It can be sticky from the beeswax coating, so most people keep it wrapped around their bowl, ready to use.

How To Use Hemp Wick

Using wicks is a multi-step, but a quick process. A match or lighter is initially used to light the wick. After that, the wick is used to burn the CBD flower inside the bowl, bong, or smoking device.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Butane Lighters?

Combustible chemicals like butane from lighters can lead to inhaling harmful chemicals and can also produce a bad taste. In addition to that, butane lighters also produce plastic waste. Lighting the wick with matches is an all-natural method and reduces waste. It is an entirely biodegradable way to light your smoke if you are especially environmentally conscious.

Why You Should Use Hemp Wicks

Hemp wick does not contain the chemicals that lighters have. Instead, it is entirely natural. Some people believe that lighting up their cannabis with a wick can improve the flavor of the marijuana smoked.

The wick also burns at a lower temperature than a lighter. Using a more moderate temperature may give your bowl a smoother draw and potentially destroy fewer terpenes, leading to more flavor. Hemp wick is one of the best ways to smoke cannabis buds if you have discerning tastes.

Buy CBD Flower to Use Your New Hemp Wicks

Hemp wick is not just for weed smokers. Many CBD enthusiasts are smoking hemp buds in hemp pre-rolls or even buying hemp buds in bulk and smoking it like marijuana. Inhalation leads to the highest bioavailability of CBD. In addition to vaporizers, which may contain thinning agents, smoking hemp buds is a way to get a high dose of CBD that acts fast.